General Conditions

The “Lexus Boutique” enables customers to order branded items and have them delivered directly to a Lexus distributor.


We have organised our items into categories. You can access these categories through the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Each category contains a detailed list of items, images and information allowing you to better visualise your choices before ordering. At any time, you can come back to the main page of the boutique by clicking on the Lexus logo top left of the screen.


The prices shown include VAT but do not include the shipping costs.


The commercial and technical informations given for an item are purely indicative. Toyota Motor Europe and their suppliers reserve the right to modify this information at any time without notice. Pictures are not contractual.

Order information

You can order the items in the boutique by adding them to your shopping cart. There you will find information about the items availability and mode of delivery. You can also modify the quantities of an item and if you’ve changed your mind you can simply take the item out of your cart and replace it by another. Once you have made your final decision, confirm your order and insert your details for shipping. You can access your cart by clicking “My Cart” in the menu bar at the top right of your screen.

The shopping cart

You can modify the amount of items chosen by clicking on the “QTY” box in your shopping cart. Did you make a mistake in selecting the colour or quantity of an item? No problem! Simply click on the cross to withdraw the item from your shopping cart or very easily order a new one. If you are happy with the list of chosen items, proceed to ordering your purchases by clicking “Proceed to checkout”.


Payments are to be made by invoice and to bank account of D-SIDE SA.


We believe that our customers are entitled to the best service in data encryption & protection of their information. This is why all your information is transmitted to us via a secure connection.

Product Availability

In stock

The items we have in stock are sent off two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. The delivery time is estimated at two to three working days for France. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the item has been dispatched.

Out of stock

The item is not available. In the hypothesis that an item or multiple items are out of stock, you will be informed in the 48hours after you passed your order.

Delivery & Costs

Agreement with GLS

Price per order in France: 12.67€ (VAT & fuel surcharge ) Delivery time in workingdays: 2-3 days

Details of cost:

  • Price for road transport
  • Shipping shown may be increased by supplements in case the delivery exceeds the maximum size or weight of 15kg
  • Delivery time in working days is an estimation. The delivery time depends on possible customs delays and the national area of delivery.
  • Maximum dimensions per package: Length: 200cm Maximum - Contour (1 + 2 x length x height + 2 x width): 300cm maximum.
  • Prices are given in Euros, VAT not included
  • The general conditions are an integral part of our costs

Article damaged during delivery

Any damaged delivery must be reported in writing within 10 calendar days of the invoice. The damage must be immediately reported to the carrier upon delivery of the items. Please send photos to the e-mail address and keep packaging available for inspection by the carrier. If asked, damaged items must be returned to the address: D-side group - Leonard Avenue Mommaerts 24, 1140 Brussels, Belgium.

Transportation costs for the return of damaged items will be reimbursed by sending an official original document or invoice within 10 days after the date of publication of this document.

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